Sports Navigator Hawaii

The great weather and beautiful surroundings in Hawaii make the Aloha State a perfect destination for Sport activities. Events such as the Honolulu Marathon attract thousands for visitors to Hawaii every year. We specialize in providing sport-related content through our website and offer state-of-the-art event management services. Whether you want to set up a new race or need support with an existing one, we can provide assistance.

What we do:

  • 1Event and Activity Registration in Japanese

    We offer a reservation system in Japanese with online payment settlement. We promote your event in Japan, increasing the number of participants from Japan for your event/activity.
  • 2Marketing

    We provide marketing strategies that utilize our Japanese media partners to promote your brand overseas in the Japanese Market.
  • 3Customer Support

    We act as the intermediary between local businesses and Japanese customers by offering in-house customer support 24hr/7 days a week. In addition, we provide instructions in Japanese regarding the event prior to arrival and offer guided support in Hawaii post-arrival, up to the start line and finish area of your event.
  • 4Internet Advertisement

    We offer low cost personalized advertisement solutions in Japanese, such as Banners, Social Media Ads, Mobile Ads, Special Reports etc.
  • 5Consulting

    With over 10 years of experience in the sports marketing and tourist industry, we provide strategic advice and solutions to maximize the opportunities available through sport tourism and targeting the Japanese tourist market.
  • 6Event Management

    We organize several big sporting events throughout Hawaii and offer the entire spectrum of services needed to produce a first-class event. This includes planning, promotion, implementation, staffing and execution. Let us run your event!
  • Targeting a New Customer Segment

    Hawaii attracts athletes from around the world; however, we focus not only on those who regularly do sports, but we also understand that Hawaii inspires the average tourist to be more active.

    We create programs and events that stay true to the athlete’s needs, but at the same time offer beginners new to sports a chance to challenge themselves.

    Sports event

    We can provide tailor-made events to match our clients’ needs and deliver a truly unique experience to the visitors.

    Event Management

    JAL Honolulu Marathon / Honolulu Triathlon Tour de Oahu / Honolulu Rainbow EKIDEN / Lea Lea Charity Run 5k /